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“In The Know” Financial Radio Show

Craig Bolanos, as the CEO of WMG and an experienced financial advisor in Chicago, broadcasts weekly on financial planning. Tune in to Craig Bolanos as he shares his thoughts on a wide variety of financial topics surrounding retirement strategy, investment management, tax planning, and estate planning. Every week, Craig brings a new perspective to financial radio by focusing on actionable items that help families live out the retirements that they deserve. Just click on any of Craig’s shows to listen on-demand or hear it live on Sundays at 10am on WIND (AM 560 The Answer). And, don’t forget to listen to Craig’s weekly feature on the CBS Noon Business Hour on WBBM News Radio.

This Week’s Show:

Sunday November 11th, 2018

Bonus Interview: Noon Business Hour on WBBM – Monday, November 5th – Midterm Elections & Potential Effects on the Stock Market: Listen to Craig’s most recent featured interview where he discusses the effects of the midterm elections on the stock market. Craig shared that history is the best guide and that after trading resumes on Wednesday morning after the election, the uncertainty aspect will likely be removed. He ran through possible outcomes that include tax reform, trade deals and even impeachment. Craig went on to say that the most likely outcome is a divided congress and markets rallying after a small correction, with healthcare doing well

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