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Since 2003, we have been helping our clients in Chicago work toward financial security in retirement with our personalized financial planning approach to wealth management, accumulation, and preservation. Our mission at Wealth Management Group, is to guide you towards making the right decisions for your financial future. You will enjoy and appreciate the numerous benefits of being part of the Wealth Management Group family.

Wealth Management Group is comprised of experienced independent financial advisors and dedicated professionals who left the larger Wall Street Firms to form a company that provides objective, custom-tailored solutions to the clients we serve. We are different in that we are a family office – and the clients we engage become part of our family. We don’t focus on products for retirement, but first a strategy that aims to get you retired, and stay retired. Through hard work, discipline, and a commitment to always putting our clients’ interests first, we focus on investment management, retirement strategy, cash flow, tax, estate, and retiree health care. Our clients stay with us because we have conversations that run deep, way beyond how stocks perform.

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5 Keys to Retirement Planning Guide

5 Keys to Retirement Planning in 2023

It’s a New Year, and that’s something to celebrate! This year is the year for a renewed focus on planning and preparation in the five key areas of retirement planning. These are the building blocks of any solid retirement plan, and this guide will detail each one. Whether 2023 is the year when you retire or not, it’s the year to create a truly comprehensive retirement plan that addresses each of these areas.


In The Know Radio Show

Sunday, February 18th, 2024
“In The Know” Radio covers a wide variety of financial topics surrounding retirement, investing, and estate planning. Host, Craig G. Bolanos, brings a new perspective to financial radio by focusing on actionable items that main street investors can utilize without a product-centered approach.

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Craig Bolanos, founder and CEO of Wealth Management Group, joined ABC7’s Money-Saving Monday segment to discuss the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), the qualifications you must meet to receive it, and how to claim it.

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