Our Story

Wealth Management Group was founded in 2003 at a time when the term Wealth Management wasn’t commercialized nor was it used by Wall Street Firms to push their next investment. The new and invigorating concept would soon transform the landscape of mainstream financial advice. No longer would hard-working Americans trust in and rely upon the solo advisor model that was shrouded in conflicted, proprietary, cookie-cutter advice. A new method of delivering value to American families through comprehensive wealth management was created to re-instill faith and confidence with all of those that had lost trust in the traditional model of financial advice. This is Wealth Management Group. Proudly serving Inverness and Downers Grove, IL.

Wealth Management Group is comprised of experienced financial advisors who left the larger Wall Street Firms to become independent financial advisors, who can provide objective, customized financial strategy solutions to our clients. We are different in that we are independent and fiduciaries. Our approach is to always act in the best interest of our clients’ goals first and foremost, and the clients we engage become part of the WMG family. Through hard work, discipline, and a commitment to always putting our clients’ interests first, we focus on investment management, retirement cash flow, tax, estate, and retiree health care. Our clients stay with us because we have conversations that run deep, way beyond how stocks perform. It is our goal to deliver proactive strategies in a manner that reflects our clients’ hopes and dreams. 

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Our mission is to guide you towards making the right decisions for your financial future.

Our Philosophy

comprehensive wealth managementProviding the attention you deserve is beyond the capacity of any one individual. It requires the combined efforts of a team, working together to develop and continually care for your personalized plan. Wealth Management Group has attracted a diverse team of professionals that have come together under a shared philosophy of hard work, persistence, and always putting the client’s interest first. You will benefit from WMG’s holistic approach to long-term wealth management and our seamless proactive service. Our clients come first in everything we do, and it shows in the service we provide.

At Wealth Management Group, our clients are passionate about their goals and realize that achieving them requires both money and proper planning. They appreciate and are willing to follow and implement our advice. Our ideal client is a financial delegator who lets our team of professionals handle all of their financial “stuff.” It’s important that our clients enjoy the simplicity, freedom, and confidence that comes from having all of their financial assets under the watchful eye of a trusted advisor. At the same time, we want to make sure that they are comfortable with our way of doing business and the way we are compensated. While they value the work we do, they must also focus on what is really important to them and have an open mind to hearing the truth from us (no sugar-coating). Ultimately, our clients understand that the best way to build our Ideal Client Community is by their willingness to introduce us to other people who share these common characteristics.