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Thursday, June 25th at 6:00pm

Any questions, please contact Lisa Belmonte at 847-907-9614.

Maximizing your benefits has never been more important, learn strategies most people don’t even know exist! Our complimentary online webinar event will help teach you:

  • How to make the changes made to Social Security in 2020 work for you
  • How to MAXIMIZE your Social Security income
  • Strategies for when to file – Hint, it’s not always about waiting!
  • How to claim your benefits and tips on avoiding costly mistakes
  • Ways to potentially minimize your taxes on Social Security income

Register today for our very special webinar, Maximizing Social Security for Today’s World, and make sure you’re maximizing every opportunity to help increase your Social Security payments throughout retirement. And, you can always schedule your complimentary introductory meeting with us by CLICKING HERE: