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Our financial advisors at Wealth Management Group contribute our insights to well-known publications such as Forbes, Chicago Sun Times, US News, and New York Business Journal, on topics that matter to you, such as retirement planning, business management, investment strategies, and more. The goal of our articles is to help retirees, pre-retirees, investors, and business owners accomplish their financial goals and avoid the common pitfalls.

How to Invest in 2017: The 5 Best Mutual Fund Ideas

Shiller’s CAPE ratio evaluates the price of a stock compared to its historical earnings (adjusted for inflation). On average, the CAPE ratio is 16.71. That’s based on data running from the beginning of 1871 through October of 2016 – well over 100 years of history. What’s CAPE today? As of December 2016, the CAPE ratio is 28. That’s 75% higher than the average of 16.71…

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The Ultimate Guide to Managing Finances After Marriage

Well, hello there, married couple. Congrats again on getting hitched, even if it seems like ages ago.

Chances are, as your relationship has matured, financial management post-marriage has gotten more complex.

Like a lot of husbands and wives, I can attest to this personally.

Let me guess: You probably have a bigger family to care for, a more expensive household to run, and more bills than ever before. Right? …

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What’s Next for Trump’s Tax Reform Plan

Tax reform took on new urgency for the Trump administration after it was unable to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act (also known as the ACA or Obamacare), but disagreements that persist between the president and GOP leaders in Congress have put any action in doubt for now. The Senate has passed a budget plan, but no specifics regarding tax reform have been worked out yet, leaving the issue’s fate uncertain…

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What Is a Good Payout Ratio For Dividend Stocks?

Dividend-hungry investors tend to look for the best yield they can find. It can be dangerous to get too greedy, as high yield – a big dividend relative to share price – often means taking on lots of risk. But experts say it’s wise to look at another gauge as well: dividend payout ratio, the percentage of earnings paid as dividends. The higher the figure, the greater the risk the company won’t be able to avoid a dividend cut if things go wrong. In extreme cases, firms pay out more than they earn, a red flag signaling the need for a deeper look to determine if it is a freak event or a sign of trouble like tumbling earnings…

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