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Published Articles

Our financial advisors at Wealth Management Group contribute our insights to well-known publications such as Forbes, Chicago Sun Times, US News, and New York Business Journal, on topics that matter to you, such as retirement planning, business management, investment strategies, and more. The goal of our articles is to help retirees, pre-retirees, investors, and business owners accomplish their financial goals and avoid the common pitfalls.

Quintessential Barrington

Estate planning that addresses retirement plans is becoming more important than ever. As the baby boomers age and retire, we are witnessing that much of their wealth is reflected inside of qualified retirement plans such as IRAs and 401(k)s…

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2017 New Year’s Financial Resolutions for You and Your Family

As the holidays approach and another year comes to a close, it’s time to start thinking about the New Year

s resolutions we can make once the calendar turns to 2017.

That usually involves ruminating on all the resolutions we promised to keep this same time last year, yet somehow failed to follow…

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What You Should Know About Impact Investing

More Americans, especially millennials, are interested in investing in sustainably minded companies that hold a tangible connection with their social values.Robert Johnson, president and CEO of American College of Financial Services in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, predicts the election of President Donald Trump will be a “boon for impact and socially responsible investing.”…

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How to Invest in 2017: The 5 Best Mutual Fund Ideas

Shiller’s CAPE ratio evaluates the price of a stock compared to its historical earnings (adjusted for inflation). On average, the CAPE ratio is 16.71. That’s based on data running from the beginning of 1871 through October of 2016 – well over 100 years of history. What’s CAPE today? As of December 2016, the CAPE ratio is 28. That’s 75% higher than the average of 16.71…

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